Free MTD for VAT software and why you shouldn't use it

Are you considering using a free Making Tax Digital for VAT solution to submit your VAT returns? If you are then think again. Here's why...

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  • Free sometimes means there's an ulterior motive. Some developers offer free MTD for VAT software in order to upsell enhancements or other products (like full accounting software) and services.
  • If MTD for VAT software is free, the developer may not have the financial resource and staff to provide you with support when things go wrong or when you can't figure out how to do something yourself. Saving money on free software will be massively outweighed by a HMRC late submission fine as a result of being unable to get your MTD for VAT solution to work.
  • Free MTD for VAT software may mean supporting assets such as help, a user guide and a knowledge base are lacking or non-existent.
  • HMRC sometimes make changes to their MTD for VAT system meaning associated solutions need to be updated. A developer may not have the inclination or financial resource to perform essential updates to an MTD for VAT solution that generates no income for them.
  • Developers offering a free solution may be here today but gone tomorrow. Without an income it is likely a developer and the MTD for VAT solution they produce won't be around for long. How long would your business survive if you offered your products or services for free?
  • Stating an MTD for VAT solution is free doesn't always mean all functionality is free. Certain developers claim their software is free to use but in reality you only get to view your HMRC VAT data and must make payment when you submit a VAT return.

Pay a Little and Receive Big Benefits

Easy MTD VAT enables you to submit VAT figures held in an Excel (xlsx, xls, xlsm) or comma-separated values (csv) file. You can use it to view your VAT obligations, liabilities and payments for free, but to submit a VAT return to HMRC it will cost you from as little as a quid! By charging for this functionality, the following is assured:

  • You won't be bombarded with marketing emails or advertising trying to sell you enhancements or other products and services.
  • High quality support comes as standard. Submit a support ticket, fill in the contact form, send an email or call to get a prompt response to whatever query or problem you have.
  • Easy MTD VAT is supported by well-written help, knowledge base articles and a step-by-step guide, all accessible from a secure and easy to use website.
  • Release notes are evidence enough that Easy MTD VAT is regularly updated - not only to conform to HMRC requirements but also to improve functionality.
  • Fly Software, the developer of Easy MTD VAT, has been creating business solutions since 2006. Easy MTD VAT is one of its core products and there is no intention to change that.
  • Fly Software make it very clear that viewing VAT obligations, liabilities and payments is free but submitting a VAT return using Easy MTD VAT will cost as little as £1. Unlike some MTD for VAT solutions, you won't be hit with an unexpected fee as you're about to submit.

Download and Try Now

Despite our claim that choosing a free MTD for VAT solution isn't often the best choice, the first VAT return you submit using Easy MTD VAT won't cost you a penny when you sign up for an account. We provide this "no strings attached" offer to demonstrate how quick and simple it is to submit a VAT return to HMRC using Easy MTD VAT.