Release Notes (22/05/2019)

  • Changed the appearance of the Submit VAT Return window, View VAT Return window and the Spreadsheet Settings window.
  • Changed the "Submission Receipts" label in the View VAT Return window to "Submission Receipt". (20/05/2019)

  • Changed the way VAT return submission receipt data is stored. Previously, submission receipt data was stored by default in C:\ProgramData\Easy MTD VAT\Clients.dat. This meant if you viewed a fulfilled obligation using Easy MTD VAT on a different PC/laptop to where the VAT return was submitted, or the Clients.dat file was deleted since submission, the data would be unavailable. Submission receipt data is now stored in the remote Fly Software database and assigned to the Fly Software account associated with the Easy MTD VAT installation. This means submission receipt data for VAT returns submitted by Easy MTD VAT can be viewed on any Easy MTD VAT installation that uses the same Fly Software account.
    If you have used an earlier release of Easy MTD VAT to submit a VAT return, you can get the associated submission receipt data added to your Fly Software account by adding Client.dat to a zip then emailing it and your account email to
  • Added the VAT return box numbers to the Submit VAT Return window, Spreadsheet Settings window and View VAT Return window.
  • Restricted the number of characters that can be specified for the Client Reference (50), Agent Reference (50) and Additional Information (100).
  • Increased the default height of the Easy MTD VAT window so more rows of data can be seen. (17/05/2019)

  • Fixed an issue where the VAT figure import was not dealing with calculated Excel cells. (15/05/2019)

  • A window now appears when Easy MTD VAT is launched to remind users that they or their client(s) must be signed up for Making Tax Digital for VAT. This was added to avoid users thinking Easy MTD VAT was at fault when they were unable to submit VAT returns or view VAT obligations, liabilities and payments, when in fact the real cause was because they had not signed up for Making Tax Digital for VAT. (09/05/2019)

  • The last client selected prior to exiting Easy MTD VAT is remembered and selected the next time Easy MTD VAT is launched. VAT obligations, liabilities and payments are also automatically displayed for the previously specified Period From and Period To dates.
  • Added Print, Email and Copy buttons to the View VAT Return window so the content of the window can be printed, emailed and copied to the Windows clipboard. (30/04/2019)

  • Code signed the setup and runtime executables so you can be sure the code has not been tampered with and is officially created and supplied by Fly Software. (24/04/2019)

  • Changed where the user is directed to when agreeing to update. (10/04/2019)