I use a different spreadsheet application to Excel, can I still use Easy MTD VAT?

If you use a spreadsheet application such as Google Sheets, OpenOffice Calc, LibraOffice Calc or even something as old as Lotus 123 to record your business figures, you can still use Easy MTD VAT to submit a VAT return. You simply need to save the spreadsheet containing the VAT figures to a file in the Excel xlsx, xls or xlsm format or even the comma-separated values (csv) format. This is achieved by selecting one of these formats from the list of file types presented in the Save As window of whatever spreadsheet application you use. Performing this process retains the digital link required by HMRC.

NOTE: When saving from Google Sheets, OpenOffice Calc or LibraOffice Calc to an Excel xlsx, xls or xlsm format, certain functionality may be incompatible and data may be affected. It is therefore important to check that the VAT figures held in the Excel xlsx, xls or xlsm file are correct prior to using with Easy MTD VAT.

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