Do I have to grant authority for another Easy MTD VAT installation?

Granting authority for Easy MTD VAT to interact with HMRC on behalf of a business, only does so for the installation of Easy MTD VAT the authority process was performed on. This means, if you install Easy MTD VAT on another PC/laptop the authority process will need to be performed again.

To avoid performing the authority process again and to apply businesses and agents that have been added to an installation of Easy MTD VAT to another installation of Easy MTD VAT, the Clients.dat and Agents.dat data files can be copied from the original installation to the other installation.

Click here for details about copying the Clients.dat and Agents.dat files from one Easy MTD VAT installation to another.

MORE: For further details about granting authority, refer to the Granting Authority section of the help or the Grant Authority section of the step-by-step guide.

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