Why does the "Connection Error" window keep being shown?

Easy MTD VAT must connect to the Easy MTD VAT server to perform certain critical actions (such as checking for available submission tokens prior to submitting a VAT return). Similarly, Easy MTD VAT must connect to the HMRC server to, grant authority, retrieve VAT information and submit VAT returns. Therefore, if Easy MTD VAT is unable to connect to one or both of these servers, the "Connection Error" window is shown when performing certain actions or when Easy MTD VAT is launched.

One or more of the following problems may be causing the connection error. The solution for each one should be tried before contacting Fly Software for help in resolving the issue.

Problem Solution
No or intermittent Internet connection Resolve the Internet connection issue within Windows, replace faulty hardware/cables or contact your ISP.
Invalid proxy settings Check the Proxy window to make sure proxy settings haven't been specified by mistake. If they have, delete all of them then click the OK button.
Missing proxy settings If you have a proxy then you must specify valid proxy settings in the Proxy window.
Blocked by a firewall, Windows Defender or anti virus Allow Easy MTD VAT access through your firewall, Windows Defender and/or anti virus software.
The server is unavailable The Easy MTD VAT and/or HMRC server may be unavailable (due to maintenance or a problem). Please wait a few hours for the server(s) to become available.
Corrupt installation Exit Easy MTD VAT, uninstall Easy MTD VAT, reboot your PC, download Easy MTD VAT, then install Easy MTD VAT.

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