Why can't I see any open obligations in Easy MTD VAT?

If you cannot see open obligations in the Open Obligations panel of Easy MTD VAT, it is likely your From and To dates (version or Year To date (version 3 and above) are incorrect. The easiest way to correct this is to delete the From and To dates (make the fields blank) then click the Get button or click the Reset button (version 3 and above). Default dates are then used (one year in the past from the current date).

In addition to this, users of the latest version of Easy MTD VAT (from will no longer be automatically presented with Open Obligations or any other VAT data when Easy MTD VAT is launched. Instead, users must click the Get button. Automatically showing the data was removed to comply with a HMRC request to reduce the amount of traffic passing between MTD for VAT solutions such as Easy MTD VAT and the HMRC system.

If you are still unable to see any open obligations then contact HMRC as there is likely to be an issue with their system.

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