How much does it cost to submit a VAT return using Easy MTD VAT?

One submission token enables you to submit one VAT return using Easy MTD VAT.

If you sign up for a Fly Software account on you will receive a complimentary submission token that will enable you to submit your first VAT return for free. After this you will need to purchase submission tokens to submit further VAT returns. Here is a breakdown of the cost of submission tokens:

Number of Tokens Total Cost Cost Per Token Recommended For
1 £4.99 £4.99 Perfect for a one-off submission or to find out if Easy MTD VAT is for you. Add to Basket
4 £14.99 £3.74 Great for businesses that submit quarterly. Add to Basket
12 £39.99 £3.33 Ideal for businesses that submit monthly or those who submit quarterly and want to pay for 3 years up-front. Add to Basket
24 £69.99 £2.91 Perfect for agents that need to submit for a handful of businesses. Add to Basket
100 £99.99 £0.99 Great for agents that need to submit for many businesses. Add to Basket

It is entirely up to you how many submission tokens you buy at a time and there is no other cost involved.

Submission tokens do not expire and remain in your account until they are used.

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