I can't view my VAT data or submit a VAT return. What do I do?

HMRC's Making Tax Digital for VAT is a new system and with that there will be inevitable teething troubles that may prevent VAT obligations, liabilities and payments being viewed and VAT returns being submitted using Easy MTD VAT. Rest assured, issues like this have nothing to do with Easy MTD VAT. The software is fully MTD compliant, approved by HMRC, thoroughly tested and has been successfully used to view VAT data and submit VAT returns by users like yourself.

If you are unable to view your VAT data or submit a VAT return using Easy MTD VAT, it is likely due to one or more of the following reasons:

Easy MTD VAT can't access the HMRC system/server. Make sure the computer where Easy MTD VAT is installed has access to the Internet.
You have not granted authority to Easy MTD VAT to interact with HMRC for a client. In Easy MTD VAT, select the client, click the Authority button then follow the instructions.
You have not signed up for Making Tax Digital. Sign up then try again. Note: HMRC may take a few days to enable your registration so make sure you sign up at least a week before you need to submit a VAT return.
There is a problem with the HMRC Making Tax Digital system/server. Remember, it is a new system, and problems will raise their ugly head. It is likely HMRC are aware of the problem so waiting for them to fix the issue is perhaps the only thing you can do. Of course, if you want to contact HMRC then do so but it is likely many others are doing the same thing so don't expect a speedy response.
HMRC may be undertaking planned updates and the system may be intentionally unavailable. For planned downtime of the HMRC Making Tax Digital for VAT service, please check the HMRC website or our Facebook page.
You do not have a submission token in your Fly Software account. A submission token is required to submit a VAT return using Easy MTD VAT. Buy a submission token.
If you are an agent acting on behalf of one or more clients:
Your client(s) haven't signed up for Making Tax Digital. Sign up your client(s) (you or they can do this).
You have not signed up for an Agent Services account. Sign up for an Agent Services account.
You have not associated your clients with your Agent Services account. Sign in to your Agent Services account then follow the steps to associate the clients in your Government Gateway (HMRC Services) account with the Agent Services account.

If you do feel the problem you are facing is related to the functionality of Easy MTD VAT, then open a support ticket (Fly Software account required) on the Fly Software website and let us know what it is.

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