What data does HMRC receive when I use Easy MTD VAT?

To comply with HMRC's Making Tax Digital, Easy MTD VAT must send data to HMRC. This data, and how it is obtained are detailed in the table below:

Action Data*
Authorising Easy MTD VAT VAT Registration Number, Fraud Header
Retrieving VAT Obligations, Liabilities and Payments VAT Registration Number, Fraud Header
Submitting a VAT Return 9 VAT Figures, VAT Registration Number, Fraud Header

*Fly Software does not retain or use any of this data.

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Fraud Header

To help prevent fraud, HMRC require information about the PC and operating system where Easy MTD VAT is installed. This information, known as a fraud header, is sent to HMRC when a VAT return is submitted and when VAT obligations, liabilities and payments are retrieved.

Below is a list of the information conatined in the fraud header.

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