Submission and Sign-up Deadline Dates for Making Tax Digital for VAT

If you need to submit quarterly VAT returns using HMRC's Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT, here's the submission deadline dates and the deadline dates for signing up when paying by direct debit and electronic transfer:

Stagger Direct Debit Deadline Electronic Deadline Submission Deadline
1 (Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec) Monday 29 July 2019 Tuesday 4 August 2019 Wednesday 7 August 2019
2 (Apr, Jul, Oct, Jan) Thursday 29 August 2019 Wednesday 4 August 2019 Saturday 7 September 2019
3 (May, Aug, Nov, Dec) Sunday 29 September 2019 Friday 4 October 2019 Monday 7 October 2019

NOTE: These dates may change so it is advised you confirm them with HMRC.

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